The ROME collection is a luxurious showcase of Merino wool. The collection draws inspiraton from the graphic shapes of grand architectural ceiling patterns, which left indelible impressions on designer Anita Kars during het sojourns in Italy. Deliberate design interruptions introduce a beautiful irregularity that harmonises with the curves of contemporary furniture. The rugs boast a voluminous pile, vibrant with subtle colour differences in New Zealand wool. Crafted in a palette spanning neutral light to dark tones, the ROME collection is one to dream away at.

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Merino wool

Compared with ordinary wool, merino wool is softer on the skin because the fibres are much finer and don't cause any itchy reactions on contact with the skin. This makes merino wool ideal for producing soft-touch plaids, cushions, footstools and carpets.

Hand tufting

Manual single needle tufting forms an efficient alternative to manual knotting.

Anita Kars

Designed by Anita Kars

Anita Kars has a strong sense for color and texture. She has been working in textiles for a long time.










Craft & Materials

The cut pile is in 100% Merino wool, the loop pile in 100% New Zealand wool. The Rome rug is hand tufted and carefully finished by hand.

Hand tufting

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Manual tufting forms an efficient alternative to manual knotting. With the help of a handgun, the tufter shoots the yarn with a great deal of skill pile line by pile line until a carpet is formed. Due to its enormous flexibility, the technique allows for the production of true works of art.

Merino wool

Casalis selected the wool from the beautiful Merino sheep as the most excellent material for some of our soft furnishing collections. Compared to regular wool, Merino wool feels softer to the skin as fibers are much finer, causing no itchy reactions when touching your skin. This makes Merino wool the ultimate wool for the production of plaids, cushions, and pouffes.

New Zealand Wool

Out of all the different wools, New Zealand wool is praised to be the whitest, allowing for a broader range of colour after dyeing. It is a blend of Merino and Down breeds who are specially selected for their comfort, strength, and performance. The wool is grown and processed in both New Zealand and Australia.

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