Elegant and comfortable. Chic yet discreet. The Caro collection turns this apparent paradox into a real strength. Its subtle, reserved brilliance is the result of the intimate, original mix of silk and wool. A Caro rug is the ultimate fusion of modern chic and discretion, even if you choose a brighter colour.

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Merino wool

Compared with ordinary wool, merino wool is softer on the skin because the fibres are much finer and don't cause any itchy reactions on contact with the skin. This makes merino wool ideal for producing soft-touch plaids, cushions, footstools and carpets.

Robot tufting

For plain colour carpets or easy designs, a robot can replace the manual work of the hand tufters.

Liset van der Scheer

Designed by Liset van der Scheer

Liset is always looking to push back the boundaries of what's possible. Looking at colour has become second nature to her, and when she creates patterns, whether for textiles or carpets, her starting point is always the expression of thread.


Beige E







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Robot tufting

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For plain colour carpets or easy designs, a robot can replace the manual work of the handtufters, increasing the uniformity of the pile density and also allowing for new techniques (3D shapes).


For thousands of years, silk has been a symbol of luxury and wealth. The special softness together with the unmistakable gloss is also a major asset for Casalis in a few collections, whether as an accent, as a full carpet, or as a complement to another material.

Merino wool

Casalis selected the wool from the beautiful Merino sheep as the most excellent material for some of our soft furnishing collections. Compared to regular wool, Merino wool feels softer to the skin as fibers are much finer, causing no itchy reactions when touching your skin. This makes Merino wool the ultimate wool for the production of plaids, cushions, and pouffes.

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