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We develop unique textiles created with high quality crafts


Casalis’ story started in a small living room in 2000. While working for a mass production carpet company, Francis saw the lack of carpets with personality available on the market. In pursuit of his goal, he started Casalis and approached independent designers. Together they collaborated with small companies passionate about unique crafts and created responsible products made of excellent materials.

Today Casalis' textiles embrace customers around the globe!

High quality crafts

We are passionate to find the best-skilled producers to turn traditional human crafts into the highest quality of products. At the same time, we follow the most recent technological developments to create high-end textile products as well. We adore the diversity of techniques to challenge our imagination.

We enhance the beauty of multicultural techniques with great respect for the craftsmen’s work

Hand knotting / Nepal

It’s 09:25 PM in Kathmandu

Purely traditional and disarmingly honest. Everything up to the final knotting of the carpet is done by hand.

Hand spinning Wool / Nepal

It’s 09:25 PM in Kathmandu

The natural wealth of the wool is carefully spun into knottable carpet yarn while respecting and maintaining the character according to an ancient tradition.

Hand knotting / India

It's 09:10 PM in India

These carpets combine the centuries-old art of handknotting from the Beiras region of Portugal with modern materials, colours and patterns.

Hand tufting / India

It's 09:10 PM in India

Manual single needle tufting forms an efficient alternative to manual knotting.

Weaving / India

It's 09:10 PM in India

Weaving a carpet entails interlacing warp and weft yarns on a loom to create volume and textures.

Weaving / Belgium

It’s 05:40 PM in Flanders

Years of experience and know-how of woven textiles have allowed us to develop top quality 3D fabrics using state of the art warping and weaving machines.

Knitting / Belgium

It’s 05:40 PM in Flanders

These products are manufactured with a knit and wear machine : different manufacturing procedures are combined into one process.

Robot tufting / Belgium

It’s 05:40 PM in Flanders

For plain colour carpets or easy designs, a robot can replace the manual work of the hand tufters.

Sustainable choices

We are grateful for the rich diversity of fantastic raw materials that nature provides us. While avoiding mass production, our production is intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Most of our products are customized, limiting waste to the minimum. This is emphasized even more through our choice of the finest materials to ensure a product with a long life span. Casalis' design is timeless and will last for many more generations.

We are excited about what nature provides us with in all parts of the world.

Alpaca Wool


The wool from Peruvian alpacas resembles ultimate comfort coupled with authentic colours and incredible softness.

Belgian Linen


'Vlas' or Flax is the plant from which linen is obtained. It's part of our Belgian culture as it grows and is harvested for centuries in our Flemish countryside. The material is sustainable and shines.

Tibetan Wool


Tibetan wool is produced by local sheep from the Himalayan mountains. The wool stands out through its strength, purity, and irregularity.

Mohair Wool

South Africa

The strong, elegant glossy mohair yarn is acquired from the coat of angora goats that are raised in an ecologically responsible manner in the wonderful South African nature area "Karoo".


Polypropylene fabric is one of the lightest synthetic fibers in existence. It's soft, lightfast, easy to clean, and ideally suited for cold weather and outdoor use. Furthermore, the fabrics made of this are highly resistant to abrasion, and it also resists insects. The material is recyclable.



Tencel is extracted from the raw material wood. Tencel production itself is extremely ecofriendly, due to the closed loop system.


Super soft and very shiny. Viscose is the man-made version of silk.

Merino wool


Compared with ordinary wool, merino wool is softer on the skin because the fibres are much finer and don't cause any itchy reactions on contact with the skin. This makes merino wool ideal for producing soft-touch plaids, cushions, footstools and carpets.



The special softness together with the unmistakable gloss is also for Casalis a major asset in a few collections, whether as an accent, as a full carpet, or as a complement to another material.



Bamboo is a raw material that quickly renews itself. The fibre that is extracted from the material contains a lively gloss and can be dyed in the most vibrant colours.

New Zealand Wool

New Zealand

New Zealand wool is praised to be the whitest, allowing for a broader range of colour after dyeing.

Mix wool

In some collections, wool from several sources is used to obtain a stronger yarn.

Trevira CS polyester


Textiles made from these fibers and yarns carry the trademark Trevira CS and are permanently flame retardant thanks to a polymer modification. The fire retardancy remains unaffected from external influences and no additional, environmentally damaging fire protection treatment is necessary.

Innovation & Design

We want our products to be “team players” within an interior, having them as the main target to optimize the total picture in a subtle way instead of trying to stand out by themselves. To achieve exclusive and innovative creations, we collaborate with creative talents who help us through the design process. It is a challenge for us to create products that meet our goal of a world of beauty and that touch our idea of softness and quality. Casalis designs unique textile products. Functionally as well as artistically, they meet the very highest standards.

We collaborate with designers and creatives to innovate the world of textiles

Anita Kars

Art Director

Anita Kars has a strong sense for color and texture. She has been working in textiles for a long time.

Aleksandra Gaca


Aleksandra Gaca designs innovative woven textiles. Her work unites strong aesthetic qualities with high functional performance in acoustics. Her fabrics combine experimental weaving techniques with her own sensuous approach to materials, colour and pattern.

Liset van der Scheer


Liset is always looking to push back the boundaries of what's possible. Looking at colour has become second nature to her, and when she creates patterns, whether for textiles or carpets, her starting point is always the expression of thread.

Marie Mees


As a trendsetter, Marie Mees designs interior textiles that are carefully designed to complement contemporary architecture and interior design.

Onno Raadersma


Producing designs is the Dutchman's talent and passion. This is obvious from the highly graphic nature of his designs that combine a penchant for light Scandinavian design with a fascination for traditional shapes and the use of hand-drawn and floral motifs.

Stefania Ruggiero


Designer of our 'Rani Rock' design. Stefania Ruggiero lives and works in Milan. She acts between art and design, bringing poetry and experimentation within her projects.

Casalis' passion is driven by people



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Anita Kars

Anita Kars

Art director



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Barking director

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