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Innovation & Design

Driven by curiosity, Casalis, together with its designers, develops innovative textile products. It is a challenge for us to create products that meet our goal of a world of beauty and our idea of quality. Casalis designs and produces contemporary carpets, objects, and acoustic panels. Functionally as well as artistically, they meet the very highest standards.


Innovative 3D textile with class A noise absorption

High quality skills & craft

We are passionate to find the best-skilled producers to turn traditional human crafts into the highest quality of products. At the same time, we follow the most recent technological developments to create high-end textile products as well. We adore the diversity of techniques to challenge our imagination.


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Sustainable materials & production

We are grateful for the rich diversity of raw materials that nature provides us. Our production is intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible and most of our products are customised, limiting waste to the minimum. This is emphasised even more through our choice of the finest materials to ensure a product with a long life span. Casalis' design is timeless and will last for many more generations.

Pouffes, cushions & plaids

An inspiring range of complementary textiles

For professionals

We provide a full range of services for professionals: from samples to custom made projects.


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