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Casalis Maison & Objet Paris 2016

Auf der Maison & Objet in Paris präsentierten 9 belgische Hersteller, deren Fokus auf dem Objektgeschäft liegt, in einer gemeinsamen. Inszenierung unter dem Thema "Hotel Bel'chique" ihre Einrichtungskompetenz. Casalis war dabei mit folgenden Produktlinien vertreten: Tweed Teppich, Slumber und Bonnet Hocker sowie die Architextiles Cello und der neue Stoff Ondo.



Interieur 2016 at Kortrijk shows a unique variety of the newest ideas in the world of interior design. This Biennale has reached its 25th silver edition, which promises to be festive!
This year, Casalis was selected to decorate a plug & play stand. Our stand will present a stylish selection of carpets and other textiles, and next to this we’d also like to invite visitors to our showroom and new office. These are also located in Kortrijk and will present a tasteful palette of rugs, poufs and acoustic textiles in trendy colours. 
The Biennale Interieur can be visited from 13 till 24 October in Kortrijk Xpo.



Orgatec is a trade show that specializes in innovative interior projects for offices, restaurants and other spaces. At Orgatec, Casalis will be showing an inspiring work and office environment with their new acoustic textile named Ondo. The rich 3D textile, elaborated in fresh and neutral colours, will be able to inspire many people in their surroundings. Next to this, Casalis will also be presenting other products with unique qualities, which will create an appealing and pleasant setting together with Ondo.
Orgatec is open to visit from 25 till 29 October in Cologne, Germany.

For more information, go to and


Dutch designer Roosmarijn Pallandt

Casalis has started a collaboration with the young Dutch designer Roosmarijn Pallandt. In her project ‘consider this landscape a territory ‘the rugs form a direct connection between modern day Google Earth Technology, local natural resources and cultural heritage.

By supporting a young designer Casalis keeps up-to-date with the latest experiments and research about alternative uses of new and existing materials.



B1 Fire Rating Architextiles

Cello us now available in an Fr version, the B1 rate is achieved. Now the door is open to use our acoustic textile for public and project use.


New colours opera

A new selection of 5 additional colours has been selected to expand our Opera collection of mohair carpets. The colours have been designed by Liset Vander Scheer, our art director renowed for her colour expertise


Bonnet Bright, a bright new idea within the Bonnet family.

Round or straight ? The Bonnet Bright excels in versatility.

With 24 flexible whalebones, it can be completely round or straight, and offers three other curves between the two. This model can literally be folded in every way - until it builds perfectly inside. In addition, Bonnet Bright is available in a standing, suspended or floor version. A different colour ? You can change sleeve. Each whalebone of the Bonnet Bright is covered with a wool knit sleeve in 100 % merino wool.


Rani designs and lines available with bamboo

The Rani collection of designs and line patterns with silk has pleased many customers since its launch in 2007. The price implications of using silk were from time to time a barrier.

Now we offer the same pattern possibilities using shiny bamboo yarn instead of silk. This wonderful range will now be within the reach for modest budgets.


Casalis Dubai

In an attempt to strengthen its market position in the Middle East , Casalis is proud to announce its brand new partnership with IH Dubai, a Dubai based furniture agency, focusing on the interior market.

We wish our new partners lots of success and fun with our complementary range !


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